A Message to All Australians.

A message to all Australians. Could everyone please work together, to help all Australia get through this horrible situation with COVID. Just stop and think about the real consequences of not wearing a mask, or trying to sneak across borders. There are hundreds of thousands of small business owners losing everything they’ve worked for and people losing jobs, homes and members of their families, who have succumbed to this insidious virus.
We all want life to go back to normal, but the reality is, it’s not going to be that way for a long time.
And the longer the small minority of people, who think they’re the centre of the universe, refuse to grow up and act responsibly, the longer this disruption will last.
Just think it through. You’re not only penalising the majority of people who are doing the right thing, you’re penalising yourself too.
We enjoy a wonderful life in this country, that was built in a spirit of courage, cooperation and selflessness.
It’s time to go back to those values.
Maybe this pause in our lives is meant to make us think about exactly that.

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