Hey! Scott! Think it through!

Prime Minister, up until now I think you’ve been handling COVID really well and to an extent, still do. However, we in Queensland, do not want to open our borders while the virus is still out of control and spreading, even in our own state. Most of the cases here in the Sunshine State, have been imported from other states,by the irresponsible few, who selfishly think they are the centre of the universe. Surely you can see, Prime Minister, if we keep our borders closed for now, we may have some short term economic pain, but if we act recklessly, the whole country risks going back into full lockdown. Then the economy will be facing exponentially much more damage.

Please stick to the bigger picture and let the Premiers and their Chief Medical Officers control their own backyard.
Come on Australia. We have to be patient. This thing is not going away. We have to face up to this like grown ups. I’m not saying we keep the borders closed until there’s a vaccine, but certainly until there are no community transmissions.

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